Estação San Pelegrino - Gestão de Projetos Sustentáveis

San Pelegrino Cushman & Wakefield
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The Challenge

The Estação San Pelegrino Shopping Mall, open in 2010, resulted from a major retrofit of an old Mall in Caxias do Sul. The project was backed by Cushman & Wakefield's Management of Sustainable Projects, intended to the first LEED certification for a mall in Brazil.

The challenge to be met consisted in turning the old mall into a modern and efficient building, developing strategies for power and water saving and construction management with minor impact on the surrounding area and the neighborhood.

The Solution

Use of natural lighting for the top level and through translucent panels. In addition, the installation of the air conditioning system proved highly efficient and is related to the nighttime cooling system, allowing less power consumption with cooling.

The Result

  • 16% of material costs comes from recyclable inputs.
  • 60% of construction waste sent for recycling.
  • 8% reduction of yearly energy costs.
  • 57% reduction of potable water consumption.