Mariano Torres729 Corporate - Sustainable Project Management

Mariano Torres Cushman & Wakefield
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The Challenge

The building, comprised of 17 floors with corporate rooms of up to 560 m² private area, was developed with focus on building comfort, technology and practicality. The project owner BP Empreendimentos has hired C&W for the LEED Certification Consultancy. The Mariano Torres729 Corporate is the first LEED GOLD CS certified building in southern Brazil.

The major challenge was the integration of all designers to develop a project focused on water and power saving for the building. Other key objective was to ensure future operations of the project, so as the building would meet its initial purpose, ensuring its best performance

The Solution

The building was developed in an integrate manner among designers and other experts, allowing a final design that would provide smarter consumption of resources.
A complex BMS (Building Management System) was provided in order to monitor the consumption of water and power in the building.

The Result

  • 28% reduction in yearly energy costs.
  • 60% reduction of irrigation water.
  • 88% reduction of fresh potable water in flushing systems.
  • 84% of construction waste were diverted from landfill.