Real Estate Club brings together the best ones in Brazil

It is all set for the Brasil GRI - Global Real Estate Institute - to be held next October 15 and 16 at WTC Convention Center, in São Paulo. 20 topics will be discussed with national and international investors, developers and decision makers at this great informal gathering of leaders of the real estate sector. Celina Antunes, South America CEO at C&W, has confirmed presence in — Brasil - A volta da síndrome do patinho feio à vista ou o charme ainda existe? (Brazil - Is the return of the ugly duckling syndrome in sight or does the charm still exist? — and Marcelo da Costa Santos, vice president of C&W Brasil — Escritório - Dando tempo ao tempo, mas... até quando? (Office - Giving it time, but... until when?). "As sponsors of this event, we rely on this format to get closer to customers and to help changing the route of discussions, which for us is as essential as making money", says Marcelo.