C&W: the most mentioned brand in the Facilities & Operations sector

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A national on-line study carried out by the Green Building magazine, of Editora Nova Gestão publisher — distributed for over 30 thousand people, such as CEOs of companies which develop products & services for the green building sector, as well as engineers and architects — shows that Cushman & Wakefield is the first recalled company when the subject is Facilities and Operations. “We do not present multiple choices, nor induce, as this study aims to provoke quick recalling from the individual”, explains Tiago Martinelli, chief editor of the magazine, and continues: “C&W scored 50% fo all votes”.

The Services category — in which the areas of facilities and operations are inserted — debuted in this second edition of the study, joining the other six: Power Efficiency, Enveloping, Interiors, Construction Materials, Indoor Environment Quality and Rational Use of Water. The acknowledgment of the target group, besides rewarding, better entitles the company in achieving the certification for a work of sustainable construction.