Cidade Nova III Building reaches LEED certification supported by C&W

Cidade Nova - Rio de Janeiro's downtown has won another newly-certified project. It's the Cidade Nova III building, LEED certified, an international reference for sustainable projects. The building is part of a complex which covers two other projects: Cidade Nova I and Cidade Nova II.

Both the real estate developer Confidere and the construction company Método hired Cushman & Wakefield's consultancy to follow the certification management. "Everything was planned under the most modern concepts of sustainability. And the customers engaged in the deployment of the whole planning provided by the consultancy", explains Gustavo Marques, Environmental Projects Analyst.

Some aspects of the project stand out. During the construction, 87% of waste was collected for recycling or reuse in concrete crushing, for the floors, for instance. About 40% of the construction material is local, i.e., its source is within a radius of 800 kilometers around the building. "This boosts the local economy, adding extra value to the final product", explains the analyst.

The access to the building is also noteworthy. Since it's located near a subway station and bus lines, in addition to bike racks and locking rooms, the Cidade Nova III — as predicted by C&W — has been encouraging regulars to leave their car at home. The water issue was also well approached. The nine-story building has a water catchment & reuse system, collecting rainwater to be reused in garden watering, washings and other uses. "This system alone reduced by 30% the waste of drinking water. It's rewarding when our customers accepts our sustainable suggestions. Everyone wins", concludes Gustavo.