Winning in Growth Cities 2013-14

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This report has been prepared by the Cushman & Wakefield Research team to identify the winning cities in today’s international real estate investment market. The report looks at the largest and fastest growing cities in investment terms and differences in pricing, as well as crossborder demand and activity.

This year, the scope of the report has been expanded to include a deeper look into the varying investment trends by property sector. These three separate reports analyse the fundamental drivers of city performance particular to the office, industrial and retail property sectors. The final section of the report provides a range of contact points for Cushman & Wakefield Research and Capital Markets globally.

2013 Headlines

The global market is recovering strongly, with volumes rising 16.7% to US$649bn (year to June), up from a 5% increase in the previous year

  • This was again driven by the biggest cities which saw a near 21% rise for the top 25, taking their market share to 55% from 53% last year.
  • The rest of the market rose by12.1% but there are signs that this heavy focus is starting to waiver as investors seek new opportunities, with the market share of the largest 25 down from 58% in Q1 to 50% in Q2.
  • Non-domestic players are key in many markets but with some of their investment via local platforms, it was domestic investors who grew at a faster rate, up by 18.5% versus a 12% increase in non-domestic spending. 
To access the separate office, retail and industrial reports – and to access all materials relating to the Winning in Growth Cities publication – please visit our dedicated report website: