Winning in Growth Cities 2014-2015

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Explore the report in more detail at the Winning in Growth Cities microsite; you can view the report by region, by sector and look at the global data. 

Winning in Growth Cities 2014-15

Key highlights from the report:

  • New York is the world’s largest real estate investment market for the fourth consecutive year – volumes rose 10.9% to US$55.4 billion in the year to Q2 2014
  • Second-placed London closes the gap on New York with a 40.5% increase in investment activity; it is also the largest global market for cross-border investors
  • Tokyo reclaims third position in the ranking from Los Angeles with a strong 30.4% investment increase
  • Global flows of capital reached US$788 billion in the 12 months to Q2 2014, a 17.2% increase on the previous year
  • Cross-border investors drove the market higher with a 39% increase compared to 11% growth amongst domestic buyers